• What is SISU?

    SISU is a Finnish term that encapsulates determination, resilience, courage, and the ability to persist in the face of adversity. It represents an extraordinary strength of will and a mindset that enables individuals to overcome challenges, often described as inner fortitude or gutsiness.

    The SISU principle is rooted in Finnish resilience and encourages embracing discomfort and pushing beyond limits. Applied to achieving your fitness goals it means finding strength in adversity. By adopting a SISU mindset, you can transform challenges into opportunities, motivating yourself to push a little further each time. This approach builds mental and physical resilience, fostering a mindset that thrives on the pursuit of progress and the satisfaction of surpassing your own expectations.


Men’s Athletic T shirts

A T-shirt perfect for all kinds of workouts. Its moisture management is sure to keep athletes dry and comfortable even during the most vigorous of workouts. Various colours available.
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